Silver Sycamore – Preferred Venue

Preferred Venue Update

Next Event Houston is extremely excited to announce that we have now added the wonderful venue Silver Sycamore to our preferred venue’s list. Silver Sycamore’s venue is one of a kind and has just completed renovations and additions. Silver Sycamore has built its own western themed city complete with a saloon, jailhouse, an inn, and most importantly a rustic chapel. They also offer unique features you will not find anywhere else such as their tiny house bed & breakfast cottages, a tea & coffee house, two beautiful gazebo’s, luscious gardens, and a restaurant on site (their food is outstanding by the way).

Silver sycamore has everything you need and more for your next event. Our DJ’s are very familiar with silver sycamore and we work hand-in-hand with their staff to ensure the smoothest and most beautiful experience possible. This is just some of the many reasons we are placing Silver Sycamore on our preferred venue list!



Silver Sycamores Contact Info:

Phone: (281) 487-4033

Address: 5111 Pine Ave, Pasadena, TX 77503


Schedule a tour: Click Here


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